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Aside from the immediate and lasting health effects COVID-19 has on individuals, the pandemic has continued to impact our day to day lives including adding stress, impacting our sleep, causing financial hardship, as well as affecting other aspects of our general wellbeing. In order to help alleviate some of these impacts, we have included information below on various free-to-use services and apps that provide assistance for managing the impacts of the pandemic across various aspects of wellbeing.

Resilient Arizona Crisis Counseling Program (CCP)

Resilient Arizona is a state-wide community-based program that helps individuals and communities recover from the common psychological reactions that arise in response to extraordinary circumstances, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. All of the services offered by Resilient Arizona are provided at no cost and are offered over the telephone or virtually either in a group or one-on-one setting.

Some of the services that Resilient Arizona can provide you or assist you with are:

  • Stress management and social support
  • Rental, mortgage, and utility assistance
  • Financial counseling
  • Pet assistance (including pet food assistance, low cost veterinary services, and other resources to help care for your pet)
  • Food Assistance
  • Financial Resources
  • Small Business Loans
  • Home Internet Access
  • Health Insurance and Medical Expenses
  • Legal Assistance

For more information on these services, visit

Stress, Self-Care, and Emotional Wellness

The COVID Coach App

COVID Coach is an app designed to help support self-care, emotional wellness, and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Within the app, you can find education and tools to improve coping and self-care, trackers designed to help you keep track of your progress over time, and so much more!

It can be used on it's own or in combination with professional mental health care.



Insomnia and Trouble Sleeping

The Insomnia Coach App

Insomnia Coach (made by the same developers as COVID Coach) is an app designed to help support sleep quality and manage insomnia during the COVID-19 pandemic. Within the app, you can find education and tools to improve and track your sleep quality over time and more!





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