How YOU Can Help Beat COVID-19

Become part of the solution.
Whether you have had COVID-19 or not, we need your help! By participating in the CoVHORT study, you can help researchers gather the data we need to help better understand COVID-19.

Fight the virus, join the CoVHORT study

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What is the CoVHORT Research Study?

The rapid spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 in Arizona has had devastating consequences. At the The University of Arizona and Arizona State University, we are fighting every day to slow the spread of COVID-19 and stop the pandemic. At the same time, we lack vital information about the health consequences of the virus. What are the best treatments to help those who get sick? Who is at high risk for severe illness? What are the long-term health consequences for individuals who have been infected by COVID-19?

The CoVHORT longitudinal research study will provide answers to many of those questions.


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Ways to Stay Up-to-Date on the CoVHORT

We care about keeping you informed! The CoVHORT team has recently begun sharing bulletins containing quick figures, news items, team member bios and information about partner studies.

You can find a breakdown of the cohort that is also found in the most recent bulletin below.


Become part of the solution!

Fight the virus, join the CoVHORT