Thank you for your interest in the CoVHORT Children And Teens Study (CoVHORT CATS)! We need your help to better understand how COVID-19 and the pandemic have affected all aspects of children and teen's lives. Whereas the Arizona CoVHORT is largely focused on how COVID-19 and the pandemic have affected adults, CoVHORT CATS is designed to gather information from children and teens to learn more about their experiences since March 2020.

This study seeks to understand the broader impacts of the pandemic among Arizonan youth including effects on their emotions and worries, their strengths, food security, and schooling.

Participation in CoVHORT CATS is currently open to any child or teen between 12 to 17 years of age and their parents, and is completely VOLUNTARY. Similarly, to the parent study, the Arizona CoVHORT, participation involves completing online surveys about their health and aspects of general wellbeing.


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How Does the CoVHORT Children And Teens Study Work?


The goal of CoVHORT CATS is to study the influence of COVID-19 on the many aspects of children’s lives including their emotions and worries, their strengths, COVID infection and vaccine attitudes, racism, food security, and school. 

We are collecting all this information to inform public health programs, hospitals and clinics, mental health agencies, schools, and families to meet the needs of young people.

If your child enrolls in the CoVHORT Children and Teens Study, they will be asked to complete a total of seven short, 10-minute surveys over the course of five years. Like the parent study, the Arizona CoVHORT, all of our surveys can be completed on any device with internet access (such as smartphones, computers, or tablets). Children and teens between the ages of 12 and 17 years are currently eligible to participate in the study.

Since much of COVID-19 research is currently centered around adults, we have yet to understand the pandemic's impact on young people's lives. By participating in CoVHORT CATS, your child or teen can provide valuable input to inform decision about mental and physical health, education, laws, and programs.



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